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Hansel and Gretel Dance


Once the Crunchbone Witch is dead, the children in Hansel & Gretel do a dance to celebrate. The dance has been created especially for us by our choreographer, Kally Lloyd-Jones. You can try it yourself by following the instructions below. If you want to dance to the actual music, you can watch our video demonstration. Four of the kids in our Children’s Chorus took time out of their rehearsals to film a quick demo for you to dance along to. Have fun!


1. Face your partner!
Link right elbows and skip round 4 times (clockwise)
Link left elbows and skip round for 4 again (anti-clockwise)


2. Holding hands, facing your partner, swing your arms to one side, then the other, then swing all the way round so you both turn round on the spot. Don’t let go! Repeat, swinging your arms to the other side first.


3. Keep hold of your partner’s hands and turn so you’re both facing the same way. Gallop step for 8 beats.


4. Face your partner again and hit your right heel with your right hand, then your right heel with your left hand and stamp your right foot. Hit your left heel with your left hand, then your left heel with your right hand and put your left heel on the floor.


5. Slap your left thigh 3 times (right hand, left hand, right hand) then clap hands with your partner, clap your own hands, and clap hands with your partner again. Repeat section 4 but after the second stamp…


6. Cross both hands with your partner and spin!