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Create your own Butterfly

Follow the instructions below to create your own beautiful origami butterfly. Don't forget to share them with us on Facebook and Twitter


Pattern 1     Pattern 2     Pattern 3     Pattern 4



1. Download, print and cut out your pattern         2. Fold your paper in half along the long length



3. Open up and fold in half again along the       4. Pull back the bottom-right corner, bring it over 
    short length                                                          
to meet the bottom-left corner 



5. Press down on the folded edge to make a         6. Flip it over 



 7.Repeat the fold on this side                             8. Press the edges down 


9. Turn it round so the point faces you                 10. Fold down the flaps, then open them up



11. Fold back in along the  crease  you have       12. It should now look like this  


13. Fold the front flaps down to create lower       Your finished butterfly should look like this! 



Why not try all four patterns?