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Profile: David Sneddon, Production Manager, Anamchara - Songs of Friendship

Can you describe your job in one sentence?
As a Production Manager my job is to ensure that things are running to schedule, budgets are being met, creative and technical staff are working safely, and have the facilities and materials to do their job and to help ensure that people are communicating relevant information to one another during the production process. There is a great deal of effort that goes into trying to keep all of the people happy all of the time, but usually it is only possible to please some of the people some of the time. It’s hard work, but it’s fun!


What do you love about working in opera and theatre production?

I love the people and helping them to achieve what they have set out to do. I like that my job is never the same two days running and that, as a freelancer, I get to move about and work for a variety of different theatre and companies. I love that I am constantly learning.


10 years ago, did you imagine that you would be working for this Company?
I’m showing my age now, but 10 years ago I had already worked for this Company! My first job for Scottish Opera was as a Props Assistant on Parsifal in 1999, followed by Props Assistant on Das Rheingold. Most of my work has been as a Stage Manager and Production Manager for the opera’s Education and Outreach department. I have had some involvement with the opera in almost every year of my career.


If you weren't working in your current job, what would be your ideal profession?
I have asked myself this a million times before. It nearly always comes back to theatre. Maybe it would be nice to have a job outdoors as there is little access to daylight working in technical theatre, particularly in the winter!


What do you do when you're not working?
I love to listen to music. I’m a keen gardener. Work takes up a huge amount of my time so there are not many opportunities to pursue personal interests, but I enjoy my work and find it interesting, so I’m okay with that.


What three things might people be surprised to learn about you?
I’m completely deaf in my left ear, I’m Grade 8 in pianoforte, and the only thing I’ve ever eaten that repulsed me was jellied eels. Bleurgh!!!


Where is your favourite place to be in the world?
That’s easy. Home.