The Seven Deadly Sins Kurt Weill
A Co-production with Company Chordelia

Part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe


Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht’s sassy 1930s satire is a remarkable fusion of opera, dance and theatre. It’s a piece that doesn’t sit comfortably in your average theatre, so we’ve chosen unusual and intimate venues (both old Art Deco cinemas) and traditional cabaret-style seating. Each performance is also preceded by rarely seen documentary film footage from the time, setting the scene for the gritty period style of the piece.


Anna l and Anna ll (two facets of one personality) set out to make money to build their impoverished family a house but are soon thrust into the seedier side of down-and-out Depression-era America. On their travels, they are faced with each of the seven deadly sins in turn, and though one pushes the other to sacrifice her integrity for financial gain, they appear to escape unscathed. But is failing to engage in life to avoid temptation a virtue, or is it the worst sin of all?


Weill’s synthesis of jazz, barbershop and classical styles deftly steers the mood of the story. With the girls’ ‘family’ played by a barbershop quartet, a man in the role of mother, and a full orchestration that mixes brass and banjo, there’s more than a hint of the traditional cabaret of 1930s Berlin in this gutsy show. With The Orchestra of Scottish Opera.


'...Livingston is a thrillingly barnstorming Anna l... while Jessica Cottis deftly conducts the Scottish Opera Orchestra through the shifting moods of Weill's satirical score.' (The Herald****)



The Seven Deadly Sins was performed at:


HMV Picture House, Edinburgh

Mon 29 Aug 2011

Sat 3 Sep 2011


O2ABC, Glasgow

Wed 31 Aug 2011

Thu 1 Sep 2011


Sung in English with English Supertitles Running time approximately 40 minutes