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Audience comments (NZ shows)


'What an absolutely brilliant production that was. Quite stunning, both visually and vocally ... and just SO clever! I am sure Rossini would never have envisaged seeing his opera in such a form - but what a triumph! He would have loved it. How the designer and technical people came up with such a concept I have no idea, but it works marvellously, and it was so funny as well. The singers were quite outstanding.' 


'What a brilliant production!! We were captivated. Surely it will be a sell out. Well done to the company and cast. It could not be bettered.'

'The set and staging are something else and manage to be so well done and so involved, but then at the same time having the ability to be very bare. It was like nothing I've ever seen. This really did feel like opera with a very strong theatre edge to it, even to the point where sometimes the theatre and comedy side of the performance would take over the singing a bit. As an introduction to a full length opera peformance this couldn't have been better with great visual, music, musical performance and overall experience.'


'Well done on another world class, innovative performance.'

'Thank you for the brilliantly hilarious, savvy and sexy performance of The Italian Girl in Algiers. My students and our staff members enjoyed every moment thoroughly and the students raved about the performers and the production while returning in high spirits at 1am this morning in Whangarei. The performance was so fresh and creative it made TV look boring and obsolete.'


'Absolutely loved it - came out with the biggest smile on my face and chuckled the whole way through! The total package worked for me - acting brilliant, singers superb and the set design and lighting I believe would hold its own on any world stage.'
'The opera was brilliant. The audience really got into it. So funny and brilliantly staged. What a great one for first time attendees!!'