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BabyO Audience Feedback


‘As soon as the music came on she zoned into the middle of the room and that was it. I listen to classical music anyway, so I’ve always liked the idea of it. I thought she would be more restless but she absolutely loved it.’

Sarah Macleod with five month old daughter Evie.


‘There’s something about the intimacy of the space rather than watching something on a TV screen – they’re more part of the experience.’

Nicola Cooper with nine month old Ada.


'She is so active that I wasn't sure she would be able to keep sitting there for half an hour. But she absolutely loved it. Aside from the singing, she was quite interested in the other things, like the feathers coming down and the bits of fabric. In the car on the way home, I put on the CD they give you after the show and notices she was trying to do the sounds along with the CD.'

Kerryn Kirkpatrick with one year old daughter Marloe


'Just wanted to say how wonderful BabyO was in Oldham on Saturday. My son loved it, as did we and he’s still laughing his head off at ‘falling bump’. Thank you for a brilliant experience.'

Natalie Rostron (via facebook)


'Thank you for a great session today (11am) baby Sebastian (11 months) and I really enjoyed it and listened to the CD on the way home.'
Victoria Choi and 11 month old Sebastian (via facebook)


'I know I'm not the target audience, but Baby O @ScottishOpera one of most entertaining, astonishing, warm #EdFringe shows I've seen.'

Dea Birkett (via twitter)


'A (wee) thumbs up from Mr6Months, who saw ScottishOpera's BabyO today and loved it.'

Jen Stevens Ballenger (via twitter)