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BabyO Press Reviews


‘A few feathers, some welly boots and rubber ducks were all the props. It was the voices – full, throaty, operatic singing voices – that were the show. There was no compromising in the sound…The performers went around the room, singing words out of story books as if they were Verdi librettos…As they sang, they’d look the babies in the eye…But the babies didn’t cry. They just gurgled some more. And that’s why it was so wonderful. It made opera a familiar, unfrightening sound to very small ears.’


'BabyO is pioneering.'

AI (Arts Industry)


‘…the show, especially for tots aged six to eighteen months, enthralled audiences this week…’
Evening Times



‘The ‘O’ is tongue-in-cheek shorthand for ‘opera’ – but actually it captures the expression of most of the audience’s babies’ faces, as, open-mouthed, they drink in the sights and sounds of this caringly structured sensory adventure ...Baby O is a tremendous acknowledgement of how [sensory] development thrives on a rich mix of new experiences.’
The Herald


'Pure, unadulterated delight.'

Otago Daily Times