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Company Profile: Francesco Corti, Conductor

Why should people come and see The Flying Dutchman?
It’s your only chance to see a Wagner opera in Scotland this year. What better time to experience it than in the 200th anniversary year of Wagner’s birth! It’s a romantic German opera packed to the gunnels with powerful music and drama - an absolute must see!


Tell us something that people might be surprised to learn about you.
I collect watches (not expensive ones) to remind me of different times in my life, different operas I have conducted, for example. I will buy one once The Flying Dutchman run is over. The last watch I bought was for Werther. I went down to the Barras Market and a fake Cartier caught my eye...I happily purchased it at a snip of what it would of cost if it was real.


What's your favourite opera moment or character?
Whilst I am working on an opera, I am 100 per cent committed to that production so I can’t single one out in particular. In general I am a big fan of Mozart, Verdi and Wagner.


What do you do when you're not conducting?
I love reading and walking. I like to explore a city or town on foot and take in every detail from the big to the small that makes that place unique.


What music are you listening to just now?
Apart from The Flying Dutchman of course, I enjoy listening to Scottish fiddle music and Mozart’s chamber music. When I arrived in Scotland, by chance I bought a CD by Eddi Reader who I have become a big fan of and someone also gave me a CD of Scottish fiddle music. I now have quite a collection!


If you weren't a conductor, what would be your ideal profession?
I studied Violin and Composition in Milan so I would say playing violin in an orchestra.


What is your favourite place in the world?
That’s easy – wherever my family are! In terms of countries, as you might have guessed, I love Italy.


What is your proudest moment to date?
I could say the birth of my children. However, that goes without saying and is true for all parents. For me personally, I started conducting at the age of 23 in 1986 and my proudest moment was in 1993, when I left Italy to pursue my career.


What do you enjoy about being in Scotland?
Since making my debut with Scottish Opera in 2007, I have grown very fond of Scotland. The people are really warm and friendly and the landscapes are unspoiled and beautiful. Being here gives me a real sense of well being.