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Connect Orchestra Dates - 2012/13




Monday 16 July (am and pm)

Tuesday 17 July (am and pm)
Wednesday 18 July (am, pm and eve)
Thursday 19 July (am and pm)
Friday 20 July (am and pm)

Saturday 21 July (am and pm)

Sunday 26 August (am and pm)
Tuesday 18 September (eve)

Friday 21 September (eve)
Saturday 22 September (am and pm)
Sunday 23 September (am and pm)
Saturday 13 October (pm)
Sunday 28 October (am and pm)
Sunday 25 November (am and pm)


Sunday 13 January (am and pm)
Wednesday 23 January (eve)
Sunday 27 January (am and pm)
Sunday 10 February (am and pm)
Tuesday 19 February (eve)
Sunday 17 March (am and pm)

Friday 22 March (am, pm and eve)
Saturday 23 March (am and pm)

Sunday 24 March (pm and eve)
Thursday 11 April (am and pm)
Friday 12 April (am, pm and eve)
Saturday 13 April (am and pm)
Sunday 14 April (pm and eve)