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Countdown to Bohème



Rehearsals for our production of La bohème began on Monday 18 January, and each day since we've been keeping a diary of what's going on where. Everyday we'll bring you an update as we countdown 40 days (and 40 nights) until opening night.


Read on for all the behind scenes action - please let us know if there's anything you'd like to see more of. 


For more information about the production and how to buy tickets, visit the La bohème opera page.


Day 41 - Unwrapped

Tue 2 Mar – just a quick reminder that 'La boheme Unwrapped' takes place at the Theatre Royal this evening at 6pm. If you'd like to know more about the opera, this is the event for you - plus it's free!


Day 40 - OPEN!

Mon 1 Mar – we’re open! A big thank you to everyone that came along and made Saturday night such a success. And very well done to our cast & creative team for a fantastic performance.


Day 39 (1 day to go!)

Fri 26 Feb – last night was a big success! The theatre was packed with Scottish Sun readers who gave the show a wonderful warm reception. Pictures & sound bites to follow...


Day 38 (2 days to go)

Thu 25 Feb – our first public performance tonight as we welcome readers of the Scottish Sun to a packed Theatre Royal for an preview! Exclusive coverage in The Sun tomorrow...


Day 28 (3 days to go)

Wed 24 Feb – our ‘covers’ are in rehearsal today – these singers understudy the main cast so that if (touch wood) one of our singers can’t take the stage, their cover can step in.


Day 37 (4 days to go)
Tue 23 Feb – full dress rehearsal last night. Lots of production pictures were taken – some beautiful shots which we’ll get up on the website very soon for your perusal!

Day 36 (5 days to go)

Mon 22 Feb – We’re into the last week! Not long to go now, final rehearsals underway. We had a sneak preview last Friday, Your tiny hand is frozen sounding sublime...

Day 33 (8 days to go)

Fri 19 Feb – publicity is stepping up. A choreographed pillow fight under the expert eye of fight director Alison de Burgh is today’s subject, being photographed for press use.


Day 32 (9 days to go)

Thu 18 Feb – It’s the first full run-through today with everything and everybody onboard, including the Orchestra. Costumes, wigs, make-up, lights, sets, props, music – GO! 

Day 31 (10 days to go)

Wed 17 Feb – the crew go through a technical rehearsal, testing all the cues, lighting, sound, set and prop changes. All is locked down before full rehearsals with cast and orchestra begin. 

Day 30 (11 days to go)

Tue 16 Feb – the costumes, wigs and make-up make an appearence today, as the principal cast go through their first piano rehearsal on the main stage. All coming together!

Day 29 (12 days to go)

Mon 15 Feb – We’re into the theatre! Technical rehearsals begin this week - lighting, set, props, cast, chorus, cues – bringing everything together on stage for the first time.


Day 26 (15 days to go)

Fri 11 Feb – promotion with a difference this Saturday. Six of our marketing ladies will be at Club Noir’s Valentine’s Venetian Ball, telling revellers all about Boheme...

Day 25 (16 days to go)

Thu 10 Feb – rehearsals now entering the next phase. ‘Floor runs’ from start to finish of the opera are now taking place, ahead of next week’s move to the Theatre Royal.


Day 24 (17 days to go)

Wed 9 Feb – We’ve reached the halfway point in our countdown which means there’s not very long at all til first night! Not long before we get into the theatre now – how exciting!


Day 23 (18 days to go)

Tue 8 Feb – our children’s chorus return this week, rehearsing with the full chorus and having their final wardrobe fittings. Not long ‘til they finally experience the mainstage...


Day 22 (19 days to go)

Mon 8 Feb - to Props this week, where the team are working on 10 ‘musician mannequins’. Watch out for these special ladies in the pit with the Orchestra – then you’ll see what we mean...


Day 19 (22 days to go)

Fri 5 Feb – Calling all boys! If you’re stuck for gift ideas, why not sweep her off her feet with a night at the opera? Look out for our Bohème Valentine’s postcards, out and about now…


Day 18 (23 days to go)

Thu 4 Feb – rehearsals get heated today! The cast square up against each other as Fight Director Alison de Burgh puts them through their paces – wonder who’ll come off worst?!


Day 17 (24 days to go)

Wed 3 Feb – tenor Avi Klemberg (Rodolfo) appeared on STV’s The Hour talking about Bohème & showcasing the amazing power of his voice. Catch him here... (he's in part 2).


Day 16 (25 days to go)

Tue 2 Feb – rehearsals continue at our technical centre where the stage of the Theatre Royal has been 'recreated' to give our singers an idea of where things will take place.


Day 15 (26 days to go)

Mon 1 Feb - language coaching underway. Our singers receive expert tutition in order to get to grips with the beautiful Italian libretto, while also remembering to do everything else!


Day 12 (29 days to go)

Fri 29 Jan – look out for our beautiful boheme image around town as the campaign rolls out across Scotland. An enchanted Central Park setting for our young lovers...


Day 11 (30 days to go)

Thur 28 Jan - Nadine Livingston (Musetta) gets into costume today. Read more about Nadine and the production in our exclusive Scottish Sun coverage!


Day 10 (31 days to go)

Wed 27 Jan – Our Orchestra get in on the act today, fresh from their performance in War and Peace. First run through with music director Francesco Corti this afternoon...


Day 9 (32 days to go)

Tue 26 Jan – Everybody gets together today! The first production rehearsal with full cast and full chorus (kids included) is underway – that’s a lot of singing!


Day 8 (33 days to go)

Mon 25 Jan – In wardrobe today: Soprano Celia Byrne transforms into modern-day Mimi the textile designer, in our 21st Century New York setting. 

Day 5 (36 days to go)

Fri 22 Jan – 1 week down & the full chorus come together for the first time, kids and all. Prepare for loud volume!


Day 4 (37 days to go)

Thurs 21 Jan – Chorus Wardrobe fittings are underway – 24 down, 10 to go. That’s an awful alot of measuring...


Day 3 (38 days to go)

Wed 20 Jan - Mimi and Rodolfo get together today for a little one on one rehearsal - sparks fly as the arias soar...


Day 2 (39 days to go)

Tue 19 Jan – kids rehearsals kick off today – working their way through 2 and ½ hours of opera – phew!


Day 1 (40 days to go)

Mon 18 Jan - rehearsals start today as cast and crew begin to get grips with the music and staging.