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Dance Derby Reviews


‘Beyond the surface panache of [Kally] Lloyd-Jones’s hectic, driven dance-drama there is a beautifully wrought landscape of public humiliations and private griefs that reach beyond our entertainment to a cruel reality that is maybe not so bygone as we would like to think. Everyone goes for broke, acting and dancing with a fierce integrity that truly honours those long ago contenders.’
The Herald *****

‘This sense of desperation, and willingness to sacrifice health and sanity, is perfectly captured…It’s a testament to both the dancers, and choreographer Kally Lloyd-Jones, that we believe in the contestants’ exhaustion as they dance round and round the stage endlessly – yet never tire of it ourselves.’
The Scotsman ****


‘An intelligent, touching show.’
The Independent ****


‘A slick combination of opera, theatre, traditional and modern dance blended with the music of the 1930s…a thought-provoking and touching show.’
Press and Journal