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Don Giovanni - Play a Supporting Role


We have a real treat in store for you this Autumn. Director Sir Thomas Allen and designer Simon Higlett are returning to create a new production of Mozart’s darkly comic masterpiece. But we need your help to make it happen.


Set in 17th century Venice, where secrets are the stuff of life and everyone has a mask to hide behind, their production promises all the trademark imagination and theatricality of their previous collaborations. There are stunning sets and props to be made, and beautifully detailed period costumes for our principal singers and chorus…

This is your chance to get involved

You can play your part in bringing this vivid production to the stage by supporting a character from the opera. But who will you choose? Fiery Donna Elvira? Put-upon lackey Leporello? The ever-present Commendatore? How about a gondolier or a Venetian fisherman? Or maybe even the Don himself? Supporting a character starts at just £25 and all funds raised go directly towards the production.


Now’s the time to make your choice - so pick a mask, step aboard the nearest gondola and we’ll see you in Venice! 


You can donate online now or download a donation form.


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