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Interview: Craig Armstrong and Zoe Strachan



'In an opera, the drama is the main thing to get right. If you don't invest in the characters and the storyline, then the music doesn't really mean anything.'


You might expect these to be the thoughts of an opera librettist. But the aren't. They're the words of Glasgow-born Craig Armstrong, who, working with novelist Zoe Strachan, has composed The Lady from the Sea, which will be staged at this year's Edinburgh International Festival - one of three world premieres and a Scottish premiere presented by Scottish Opera - before being performed at Glasgow's Theatre Royal.


Craig is describing his attraction to Henrik Ibsen's play of 1888, in which the central character, Ellida, is trapped in a claustrophobic bourgeois marriage and yearns to escape, the opportunity to do that arising with the arrival of a stranger from her past...


Read the full interview with Craig Armstrong and Zoe Strachan from Scottish Opera's Brio magazine by following this link.