Above are eight short films featuring people from different generations, all of whom have or have had, a connection to the Royal Air Force.

In small teams (of 2-4 pupils), choose one film and listen carefully to the interviewees talking about their experiences past and present.

After listening, each team should then complete the biography template (found in the 'downloads' section at the bottom of this page) before choosing one member of their team to read the biography to the rest of the class or group.

As an extension task, facilitate an open discussion with the full class or group by introducing some or all of the following questions. Depending on the age and personal experience of the group, not all questions may be suitable. 

  1. In what year did the WWII recruit join the RAF? Can you work out how old the speaker might be?
  2. Some of the students interviewed in the 'University Life' video are not planning to join the RAF after finishing university. What are they going to do instead?
  3.  Describe the jobs the two pilots in the 'Career Paths' video did before joining the RAF. What do you think ‘working in the city’ means?
  4. The WWII recruit sailed from Liverpool in the troopship Highland Brigade, where was the ship’s destination?
  5. The pilot in 'Bringing Up A Family' was recalled from his leave when his daughter was just one day old. What was the reason for this?
  6. Describe how some of the students in the 'Passion for Flying' video became interested in learning to fly?
  7. Discuss how you think the daughters of the couple in the 'Bringing Up A Family' video felt about moving home a lot? Do you think their daughters enjoyed going to a boarding school?
  8. Describe how the pilot in the 'Search & Rescue' video felt after the success of the mission. What particularly ‘stuck in his mind’ about the experience?
  9. What was the cause of the Bombay Dockside Explosion? What happened to the members of the Bombay Fire Brigade ?
  10. According to the students in the 'University Life' video, there are many benefits about studying with the RAF – can you list them? Which do you think you would like to learn more about?
  11. What do you think was the most surprising fact about the WWII recruit’s time in Bombay?
  12. Do you think that the people interviewed in the films had any characteristics or personality traits in common?