The Recruitment Campaign Poster exercise encourages participants to use their imagination and artistic creativity to produce an RAF recruiting poster using only pre-prepared taglines, which you can find at the end of this section.

As a group, pupils should examine and discuss a selection of the posters found at the bottom of this page. What sort of images are displayed in these posters? What makes these images appealing, or otherwise, to the viewer? How do the poster images convey the taglines? What exciting images in the posters would make a young person want to join the RAF?

At the end of this 10-15 minute discussion, the participants should be split into small groups of 3 or 4 and each given one of the prepared taglines. Using paper, coloured pencils/paint, each group should be encouraged to design their own RAF recruiting poster based on their taglines.

This exercise should take around 30-40 minutes and is suitable for Second Level Primary and S1/S2.

The CfE Experiences and Outcomes it covers are- EXA 2-02a; EXA 2-03a; EXA 3-03a; EXA 2-04a; EXA 3-04a; EXA 2-05a; EXA 4-05a; EXA 4-06a.



  1. Search. Find...Rescue. The RAF. Not all about conflict.

  2. Jobs For The Boys...Girls. Pilot. Navigator. Engineer. Gunner. Careers for women in the RAF.

  3. Off To A Flying Start! Logistics. Chef. Photographer. Electrician. Learn a trade for life in the RAF.

  4. The Sky’s Not The Limit. Join the Royal Air and Space Force and see the world...from the moon.

  5. Rise Above the Ordinary. Train to be a pilot with the RAF.

  6. Not Just About Hardware. Become a software engineer in the modern RAF.

Download the RAF recruitment poster examples as a printable PDF