This exercise uses excerpts of music to encourage pupils to create their own short dramas.

The stimuli for this exercise is a piece of original music named 'Silver Wings' (you can find the track at the bottom of this page) made up of four parts, or 'movements', each  with a very different theme. The four parts, with their timings, are:

  1. ‘Daybreak’ (0:00-0:38)
  2. ‘Marching’ (0:39-1:20)
  3. ‘Conflict’ (1:21-1:56)
  4. ‘Triumph’ (1:57-2:52)

Pupils should listen carefully to each section of 'Silver Wings' in turn and then devise a short, continuous drama that changes direction, narrative and emotion to reflect the ‘feel’ of the music as it moves through the four different sections.

  • The class should listen to each section of 'Silver Wings' and discuss what they think each piece could represent - emotionally, physically and dramatically. Can they think of any examples from film or television where music plays an important part in enhancing the drama?
  • They should then discuss how they could link the four pieces of music in a dramatically exciting narrative with an RAF theme.
  • The whole class should then be split into smaller groups of four or five and given 15-20 minutes to devise their own short dramas.
  • Finally, the pupils should be encouraged to perform their brand new plays in front of their classmates.

This exercise is suitable for Primary level 2 and S1/S2 and should last 45-60 minutes.

CfE Experiences and Outcomes this exercise covers are: EXA 2-01a; EXA 3-01a; EXA 3-01b; EXA 2-13a; EXA 2- 14a; EXA 3-14a; EXA 2-19a; EXA 3-19a. 


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