This exercise uses the opening pages of three RAF-themed short plays as stimuli to encourage pupils to apply their creative writing skills and continue the drama to a suitable conclusion.

As an introduction, the teacher should read the short extract to the class and encourage discussion on the theme of the play. The pupils should also discuss the characters within the drama, and explore how the drama could be continued to a definite ending. The class should then be split into smaller groups to work on their own continued version of the play. Each extract has individual discussion notes at the end of the dialogue.

The whole exercise should last approximately 40 minutes -10 minutes discussion, 20 minutes of devising, followed by 10 minutes for each group to perform their finished play to the rest of the class. When performing their finished pieces, there could be a short discussion on how each group created a different conclusion from the same starting point.

It is envisaged that ‘First Contact’ would be suitable for a mid-primary age, ‘Blitz!’ for upper primary and ‘The Rear Gunner’ for S1/S2 pupils.

The CfE Experiences and Outcomes for this exercise are- EXA 2-01a; EXA 3-01a; EXA 3-01b; EXA 2-12a; EXA 3- 12a; EXA 2-13a; EXA 2-14a; EXA 3-14a; LIT 2-23a; LIT 3-23a; ENG 1-31a; ENG2-31a.



Download the first pages of the plays below:

First pages: 'First Contact' | First pages: 'Blitz!' | First pages: 'The Rear Gunner'