An intergenerational project for pre-school, Primary & elderly citizens

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Jane Davidson
Director of Outreach & Education

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Spinning Songs is inspired by a growing awareness of the benefits of interaction between elderly citizens and young children. During weekly workshops, participants are encouraged to develop their musical and expressive arts skills, together creating a series of original songs that reflect life in their local community. These are performed at an informal tea party for friends and family at the end of the project.

The benefits of intergenerational projects like this can be wide-ranging, including the support of memory function in older adults living with dementia, as well as the relief of stress and anxiety and increased stimulation, helping to combat feelings of isolation and loneliness. For younger children the interaction, through the sharing of songs and memories, can help to enhance an understanding of the recent past. It can also encourage increased social and emotional intelligence – enhancing their understanding of the ageing process and their compassion for those older, or younger, than themselves.

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Activities & Outcomes

Early years

  • ‘Activity’ songs and musically-underpinned sensory play – supporting development of gross motor skills and auditory perception;
  • Interaction with Primary pupils and seniors; games to develop basic social skills, boost confidence, concentration and memory;
  • Introducing live instruments including piano, guitar, accordion and percussion.


  • Music-based co-operation and communication games encouraging more complex forms of engagement such as active listening, discursive skills and empathy;
  • Interaction with nursery children; leading and supporting them in musical and storytelling activities;
  • Developing music and literary compositional skills, writing poems and lyrics and using voice, tuned and untuned percussion.

Seniors in residential care 

  • Using games and songs from childhood to support memory function and interaction with the children;
  • Simple meditation techniques;
  • Developing music and literary compositional skills, writing poems and lyrics and using voice, tuned and untuned percussion;
  • Physical warm ups and movement to music to help maintain motor functions.

For all groups

  • Song-building sessions using a simple theme (ie friendship/our town/the seasons) agreed in advance – using relevant vocabulary, soundscapes and sensory images;
  • Using IT to create title cards and images for use in the final performance;
  • Visiting each other’s spaces for integrated sessions; regularly working together in timetabled sessions for primary/nursery, adults/nursery, primary/adults;
  • Rehearsals to support learning process, establish pattern and support memory of sequence of performance;
  • Building a sense of ‘company’ – an intergenerational group working together with a single aim.