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Judith Riddell, Education Outreach Manager

Can you describe your job in 1 sentence?
To provide opportunities for everyone to become actively involved in Scottish Opera through educational projects in order to introduce them to the art form and develop their interest and knowledge of Opera.


What do you love about working in opera?
It is the perfect art form for the multi-tasker! I love it all - the drama, the music, the staging. It has everything in it all at once! The variety of different people that you work with is inspiring. In my role I have all of the expressive arts to use in designing projects and that is so exciting! Whether it is a course on singing, developing foreign languages, new writing, or a costume and props workshop there is always something to keep the creative clogs turning! 

10 years ago, did you imagine that you would be working for this Company?
No, I think by this point I had hoped to be starring in Glee! I always wanted to work in performance and have dedicated my career to the use of the arts to inspire change within people and their communities. Scottish Opera’s education department is world renowned (recently featured in the New York Times!) for the cutting edge work that it produces and I am very proud to be part of it. Growing up north of Inverness, I am passionate about bringing performances to rural communities. I am very poud to work for a company that acheives this also.


What has been your most memorable Opera experience so far?
Philip Glass’s Satyagraha, which looked and sounded very different to anything I have ever seen before which was memorable.

What do you do when you're not working?
I love to travel and experience different cultures, having just come back from Morocco and a trek in the Sahara Desert. I am also passionate about Scotland and like to go hill walking and ‘island bagging’. I love a good adventure having bungee jumped twice and signed up for my first marathon in October!