Richard Strauss


Robert Storch, a conductor, is leaving for a two-month engagement in Vienna. His wife, Christine, feels sorry for herself until she receives an invitation to go tobogganing. While on the slopes, she crashes into Baron Lummer. Once she discovers that their parents know each other, she takes the Baron under her wing and arranges accommodation for him with the local notary. Christine writes to Robert, saying she intends to help the Baron through his studies.


After a number of visits, the Baron pushes for a loan. Christine is affronted but then a letter arrives, addressed to her husband from a certain Mitzi Meier, arranging to meet Robert in the opera bar as usual. Christine is outraged – she will leave Robert at once. In Vienna, a card game is in progress. Robert is teased by his friends and colleagues about his wife's formidable manner. A telegram arrives.


Robert can't believe that Christine is leaving him. And who is Mitzi Meier? On a rainswept Prater, Robert’s conducting colleague Stroh explains to Storch that there has been a misunderstanding over names.


Mitzi Meier’s letter was meant for him, not Robert. Meanwhile, Christine has sent the Baron off to Vienna to dig up dirt on her husband. Robert returns home to a frosty welcome. The Baron returns empty-handed and is promptly dismissed by Christine. Robert and Christine are reconciled.