Mister MacNeep has lost his Sheep!

A brrrr-illiant new musical show for 3 to 5 year olds


Grab your little lambs and join us for a fun-filled festive musical adventure which has been specially created to appeal to 3-5 year olds. Featuring live music, singing and puppets, this 45 minute show offers lots of opportunities for young ones to participate as they help Farmer MacNeep find his favourite sheep, Barry and Barbara.

Poor Farmer MacNeep. It’s the snowiest, sleetiest, windiest winter ever and two of his much-loved sheep are missing. Where on earth can they be? Maybe they’re trapped in the snow – oh no! But these aren’t any ordinary, silly old sheep. This clever pair have built themselves a lovely, cosy cave in the snow and are quite happy to wait out the wild winter weather with plenty of grass to munch, snug in their warm, woolly jumpers.





Music Gareth Williams Words Ross Stenhouse
Director Lisa Gregan Designers Alice Hebdon & Marian Colquhoun
Performers Chris Alexander, Marie Claire Breen, Stuart Semple &
Laura Sergeant