Primary Schools Tour

Scottish Opera's annual Primary Schools Tour is one of our longest established and most popular education programmes with around 10,000 children accessing the performances each year.


Our Primary Schools Tour helps teachers all over Scotland deliver aspects of A Curriculum for Excellence. These children’s operas make learning exciting,
challenging and creative and allow pupils to participate in a high-quality, day-long music theatre workshop, ending with a performance for parents and guests. 


Each school that participates in a Tour receives:

· High quality teaching resources, including a teaching pack and CD to help teach

and introduce the music and related activities.

· An advance visit from a specialist choral musician.
· A day-long workshop with a team of highly experienced arts education specialists

and performers.
· A 30 minute performance for family, friends and schoolmates to share


Primary Schools Tour Spring and Summer 2015


Warriors! The Emperor's Incredible Army


Music by Alan Penman
Lyrics by Ross Stenhouse


Commissioned with the 5 Scottish Confucius Institutes


All hail Qin Shi Huang – the first Emperor of China, destined to rule his Empire forever. After all, didn’t he drink the Elixir of Life, a potion that promises immortality? Not such a great promise when that elixir turns out to be a deadly poison. Now the afterlife awaits, but even a dead Emperor needs an army. So, over many years, he’s gathered a vast hoard to watch over him after death – 8000 soldiers, horses and chariots, all armoured and armed to the teeth. And every one of them moulded from clay…


This imaginative new cross-curricular show for primary pupils tells the true story of Emperor Qin’s incredible 2000 year old terracotta army, and the clay warriors that continue to amaze and delight millions all over the world to this very day.


Spring 2015 19 Jan to 27 Mar
Summer 2015 20 Apr to 26 Jun



The team at Confucius Institute for Scotland’s Schools has developed a range of exciting materials and workshops for this year’s tour, so that schools can use their performance as a context for learning some Mandarin.


Workshops involving native speaking volunteers are available to help you get the best from the language materials, and to provide an interesting and authentic insight into Chinese language and culture. For more information, contact Audrey Blake on 0141 332 9559.


If you would like to talk about any of our education projects, or are interested in arranging a creative collaboration with Scottish Opera, call the Education Department on 0141 332 9559 for more information.







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