Scottish Opera is based in Glasgow, at two main locations.

Administration, Marketing, Press, Graphics, Fundraising, Planning, Finance and Human Resources staff are based at:
39 Elmbank Crescent Glasgow, G2 4PT
0141 248 4567

Our Technical and Education teams are based at:
Scottish Opera Production Studios, 40 Edington Street, Glasgow G4 9RD
0141 332 9559

To email an individual member of staff, please use

General Director

  1. Alex Reedijk

Music Director

  1. Stuart Stratford


  1. Jane Davidson

    Director of Outreach & Education

  2. Audrey Blake

    Project Manager

  3. Marissa Bradshaw

    Project Manager

  4. Donna Macpherson

    Education Manager


  1. Robert Dickson

    Head of Lighting

  2. Barry McDonald

    Lighting & Audio Visual Chargehand

  3. Stephen Powles

    Deputy Head of Lighting


  1. Steven McBride

    Maintenance Technician

  2. John Somerville

    Maintenance Support/Crane Driver


  1. Judith Patrickson

    Director of Finance

  2. Pauline Hodgert

    Finance Officer

  3. Lorraine Kelly

    Finance Officer

  4. Julie Phillips

    Finance Manager

  5. Catherine Ross

    Finance Officer


  1. Kirsten Howie

    Director of Fundraising

  2. Rishaad Ait El Moudden

    Trust Fundraising Manager

  3. Carole Gallen

    Donor Development Manager

  4. Giampiero Giacomel

    Head of Individual Giving

  5. Lorna Gibson

    Events Manager

  6. Anne Higgins

    Manager, The Friends of Scottish Opera

  7. Grace Lyon

    Acting Patrons Manager

  8. Mandy McDermott

    Fundraising Data Manager

General Director's Office

  1. Jean Duncan

    Executive PA to General Director and Director of Marketing & Communications

Human Resources

  1. Catherine Shaw

    Human Resources Manager

  2. Hazel Kirkpatrick

    Human Resources Advisor

  3. Laura Lee

    Human Resources Advisor


  1. Ann Monfries

    Director of Marketing & Communications

  2. Antonia Bain

    Digital Content Producer

  3. Ian Brooke

    Programme Editor

  4. Catriona Downie

    Marketing Manager

  5. Paula Duncan

    Senior Marketing & Heritage Engagement Officer

  6. Christine Irvine

    Senior Marketing Officer

  7. Mikey Lland

    Graphic Designer

  8. Claire Lowney

    Marketing Officer

  9. Helen Macdonald

    Marketing Officer

  10. Graham Ramage

    Graphic Design Manager


  1. Stuart Stratford

    Music Director

  2. Derek Clark

    Head of Music

  3. Gordon Grant


  4. Iona Jack

    Music & Chorus Administrator

  5. Susannah Wapshott



  1. Jay Allen

    Orchestra & Concerts Director

  2. Rona Dill

    Orchestra Coordinator

  3. Barry Inglis

    Orchestra Technician

  4. Brian Murphy

    Orchestra Technician

  5. Heather North

    Orchestra Coordinator


  1. Vivienne Wood

    Director of Planning

  2. Caroline Campbell

    Touring Manager

  3. Bekah Cork

    Planning Manager

  4. Sarah-Jane Davies

    Deputy Company Manager

  5. Margaret Sloan

    Auditions & Artists' Administrator

  6. Lynn Tonner

    Company Manager

  7. Jackie Whyte

    Assistant to the Director of Planning and PA to Music Director


  1. Ann Monfries

    Director of Marketing & Communications

  2. Eilidh Clark

    Press Officer

  3. Laura Cotham

    Press Manager

  4. Emily Henderson

    Press Manager


  1. Morna Gourlay

    Receptionist, Elmbank Cresent

  2. Claire Donnelly

    Receptionist, Production Studios

  3. Juliet Buckner



  1. Ben Howell

    Head of Stage

  2. James Cassidy

    Deputy Head of Stage

  3. Stephen Fulton


Stage Management

  1. John Duncan

    Resident Stage Manager

  2. Sophie Peel

    Resident Deputy Stage Manager

  3. Donald Ross

    Resident Assistant Stage Manager


  1. Andrew Storer

    Technical Director

  2. Katie Poulter

    Technical Administrator

  3. Duncan Yule

    Construction Manager

Theatre Royal Heritage

  1. Paula Duncan

    Senior Marketing and Heritage Engagement Officer


  1. Brian Mitchell

    Transport Manager

  2. Archie McLaren



  1. John Liddell

    Head of Costume

  2. Lorna Price

    Deputy Head of Costume

  3. Gloria del Monte

    Wardrobe Mistress

  4. Yolanda Brook

    Costume Maker

  5. Danielle Durieu

    Costume Maker

  6. Sara Löfgren

    Costume Cutter


  1. Neil MacInnes

    Workshop Supervisor

  2. Marian Colquhoun

    Props Supervisor

  3. David Gillies

    Carpenter & CNC Operator

  4. Gordon Clements

    Carpenter & CNC Technician

  5. Kenneth Quinn


  6. Andrew Steel

    Carpenter & Metal Worker

  7. Kelvin Guy

    Head Scenic Artist