Primary Schools Tour

For P5, P6 and P7 school groups

For more information and to book, contact: 

Audrey Blake
Project Manager

0141 332 9559
Email: Audrey Blake

Our Primary Schools Tour helps teachers all over Scotland deliver aspects of A Curriculum for Excellence. These children’s operas make learning exciting, challenging and creative and allow pupils to participate in a high-quality, day-long music theatre workshop, ending with a performance for parents and guests.

Each school that participates receives:

  • High quality teaching resources, including a teachers' support pack to help introduce the music and related activities.
  • An advance visit from a specialist choral musician.
  • A day-long workshop with a team of highly experienced arts education specialists and performers.
  • A 30 minute performance for family, friends and schoolmates to share.
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Spring/Summer Tour 2017

The Tale o' Tam o' Shanter 

Music Karen MacIver
Lyrics Ross Stenhouse

Spring 2017 16 Jan to 31 Mar
Summer 2017 17 Apr to 23 Jun

Market Day is over in the town of Ayr and the farmer Tam o’ Shanter is making his way home with his faithful horse Meg. As the night grows darker, the rain falls and the wind shrieks through the branches of the trees, Tam finds himself outside the church graveyard where he discovers, to his horror and amazement, a coven of witches dancing in the moonlight. Fascinated, Tam watches as the music whirls and skirls ever faster. But suddenly one of them spots Tam, and now he and Meg are racing for their lives…

Based on Robert Burns’ Tam o’ Shanter, this show is an exciting romp through his famous poem, commissioned in 2001 to re-introduce young people to the works of the celebrated Scottish poet.

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For P6 and P7 school groups

For more information, contact:

Audrey Blake
Project Manager

0141 332 9559
Email: Audrey Blake

A glimpse behind the scenes of our opera productions. This year primary pupils will hear the orchestra, singers and backstage crew introducing the plot, characters and music of  Puccini’s La bohème.

They will find out what an opera is, what makes it unique, and discover some secrets from behind the scenes. They will also see how the costumes, sets, props, lighting, singers and orchestra come together to create an opera live on stage.


For Primary 3 Classes 

Presenter Allan Dunn
Coming Summer 2018

What are the essential ingredients for making an opera? Singers? Orchestra? Costumes? All of these, of course, but you also need a good story… Scottish Opera invites young audiences on a whirlwind musical adventure to find out how opera is made. Supported by online resources designed to reinforce key learning outcomes of A Curriculum for Excellence for Level 1.