Lliam Paterson


World premiere
A new co-production with Manchester International Festival & Improbable

Pavilion Theatre, Manchester


Tue 4 Jul to Wed 5 Jul

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Edinburgh Academy


Tue 8 Aug to Sun 20 Aug

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Scottish Opera Production Studios


Sat 21 Oct to Sun 5 Nov

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The long-awaited follow up to the ground-breaking BabyO, BambinO is a brand new piece of music theatre, again aimed at an audience that doesn’t often get a look in at opera – babies.

This unique and colourful work for infants aged 6 to 18 months reinvents operatic language and traditions for children at an age when their minds are wide open to new sounds, images and experiences. Babies are free to explore during the performance, interacting with singers, musicians and each other. We hope adults might find new ways of enjoying music too – through the ears of their bambini!

“It is inspiring to create a new opera for what is possibly the most discerning - and important - audience there is. We all know that babies respond to music and we want to nurture and stimulate that relationship through their very first opera." Phelim McDermott

Written by Scottish Opera’s acclaimed Composer in Residence Lliam Paterson and directed by Improbable’s ever-imaginative Phelim McDermott, BambinO will be a twin celebration of the possibilities of music and the power of the infant imagination.


Cast & Creative Team

Charlotte Hoather & Timothy Connor

Stuart Semple

Laura Sergeant

Phelim McDermott

Giuseppe Belli & Emma Belli

Edinburgh Academy
8-20 Aug (excl. Mon 14 Aug) 10am &11.30am

Scottish Opera Production Studios, Glasgow
21 Oct to 5 Nov (excl. Mon & Tue) 10am & 11.30am

On sale 20 April