The Brassketeers

For Primary 1 to 3 pupils
Turn your pupils into musical math-e-magicians!

This cross-curricular project introduces children to the joy of brass instruments and the rich sound world they create, while also supporting delivery of the Early and First Level numeracy curriculum. Resources include a beautifully animated short film which introduces the instruments, alongside lesson plans, slide shows, worksheets and games which explore the relationship between music and maths.

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Tiny Chef

For Primary 3 and 4 pupils
A magical, musical story about healthy eating

Welcome to the world's most magical restaurant! Developed in a series of workshops with over 200 children, Tiny Chef is set in a marvellous, moveable restaurant, The Sūgélán Dragon, and teaches basic Mandarin and the principles of food purchasing, preparation and presentation, with a focus on fresh, healthy ingredients. 

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The Last Aliens

For Primary 5 to 7 pupils
An intergalactic adventure to save Planet Earth!

The Last Aliens is a great opportunity for Second Level pupils to engage with climate change as Scotland prepares to host the 26th UN Climate Change Conference. This digital version of our  Primary Schools Tour includes a funny, engaging and relevant story with five fantastic songs to learn – and everything teachers need to guide pupils towards their own short performance.

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An online opera for Primary 5 to 7 pupils

Our first ever online opera for kids combines music and micro-biology like never before! Split into five sections, each part teaches the melody and harmonies of one of the songs from the opera – with choreography – and also includes downloadable activities. Children will also find out about infections and viruses and how the body fights them, as well as Fake News and why it’s important to understand that not everything you read on the internet is true.

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