Primary Schools Tour

For P5, P6 and P7 school groups

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Audrey Blake
Project Manager

0141 332 9559

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Our Primary Schools Tour helps teachers all over Scotland deliver aspects of A Curriculum for Excellence. These children’s operas make learning exciting, challenging and creative and allow pupils to participate in a high-quality, day-long music theatre workshop, ending with a performance for parents and guests.

Each school that participates receives:

  • High quality teaching resources, including a teachers' support pack to help introduce the music and related activities.
  • An advance visit from a specialist choral musician.
  • A day-long workshop with a team of highly experienced arts education specialists and performers.
  • A 30 minute performance for family, friends and schoolmates to share.



Spring/Summer Tour 2019


Music David Munro
Lyrics Allan Dunn
Additional music and new orchestration Alan Penman

Spring 2019 14 Jan to 22 Mar
Summer 2019 16 Apr to 27 Jun



Join Scottish Opera in commemorating one of the most dramatic periods in Scottish history; the Jacobite Risings. 

Let’s go back in time, exactly 300 years ago, to the year 1719. The Jacobites and their Spanish allies converge upon Glen Sheil in the Western Highlands to prepare themselves for battle with the approaching Hanoverian troops. But the Jacobites have more to worry about than their enemies!  Will in-fighting, missed opportunities and poor communications prove to be their undoing?

 Download the 1719! teaching resources

Spring/Summer Tour 2020

Warriors! The Emperor's Incredible Army

Music Alan Penman
Lyrics Ross Stenhouse
Commissioned with the five Scottish Confucius Institutes

Spring 2020 13 Jan to 27 Mar
Summer 2020 20 Apr to 26 Jun


ll hail Qin Shi Huang – the first Emperor of China, destined to rule his Empire forever. After all, didn’t he drink the Elixir of Life, a potion that promises immortality? Not such a great promise when that elixir turns out to be a deadly poison. Now the afterlife awaits, but even a dead Emperor needs an army. So, over many years, he’s gathered a vast hoard to watch over him after death – 8,000 soldiers, horses and chariots, all armoured and armed to the teeth. And every one of them moulded from clay…

Join Scottish Opera in telling the  true story of Emperor Qin’s incredible 2,000 year old terracotta army, and the clay warriors that continue to amaze and delight millions all over the world to this very day.

Teaching resources available Autumn 2019


For Primary 3 Classes 
Presenter Allan Dunn 


What are the essential ingredients for making an opera? Singers? Orchestra? Costumes? All of these, of course, but you also need a good story… Scottish Opera invites young audiences on a whirlwind musical adventure to find out how opera is made. Supported by online resources designed to reinforce key learning outcomes of A Curriculum for Excellence for Level 1.

Download The Opera Factory teaching resources


Free tickets for secondary school groups

For more information, contact:

Audrey Blake
Project Manager

0141 332 9559

 Contact Education & Outreach

Opera Unwrapped is an hour-long taster that gives an insight into our shows and how they are created. Tickets are £5, but secondary school groups can book for free.

Find out more about Opera Unwrapped

from the mud to the stars 

For more information contact: 

Jane Davidson
Director of Outreach & Education

Tel: 0141 332 9559


From the mud of the trenches to the advanced technology of 21st century flight, this unique project engages with adult groups, schools and universities across Scotland that have connections to the RAF.

Explore our selection of tasks and resources with your class to learn more about the first 100 years of the Royal Air Force. 

Primary Schools Tour supported by: The Gannochy Trust, The Robertson Trust, KMF Maxwell Stuart Charitable Trust, Aberdeen Endowments Trust, Jimmie Cairncross Charitable Trust, Martin Connell Charitable Trust, Walter Craig Charitable Trust, The Cruden Foundation, The Educational Institute of Scotland, The Forteviot Charitable Trust, The Guildry Incorporation of Perth, Miss K.M. Harbinson's Charitable Trust, R J Larg Family Trust, Leng Charitable Trust, The Cookie Matheson Charitable Trust, New Park Educational Trust, William S Phillips Fund, The Hayward Sanderson Trust, The Stevenston Charitable Trust, The Thomson Charitable Trust, Alma & Leslie Wolfson Charitable Trust and Scottish Opera’s Education Angels

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