Welcome to our first online opera for kids!

There are 5 songs in Fever! Each one has a set of exciting activities to work you through them, including:

  • lyrics and teaching guides to learn each song
  • videos that teach some moves to go with them
  • creative writing and science tasks to try
  • tips to make simple props and costumes

Aim to go through 1 a week - and in 5 weeks, you'll learn the whole thing! 


Music Alan Penman Words Allan Dunn 
Illustrations Iain Piercy

Some people think opera is only about things that happened a long time ago. Well, this opera is all about a young boy who is struck down by a mystery illness and rushed to hospital. Sound familiar? Outside, the paparazzi demand answers. What is this disease? How is it transmitted and how can it be cured? But the busy medics have no time to talk; they need to get on with finding a vaccine.

Meanwhile, an epic battle is taking place inside the boy’s body as the opposing forces of Good and Bad Bacteria fight to gain control of his immune system… Will he find the strength to overcome his internal enemy? Will the medics find a cure? And will the media folks make it all up anyway, just to get a good headline?

You can join us in making this funny and fast moving story come to life. You'll find out all about infections and viruses and how your body fights them. You'll also find out about about Fake News and why it’s so important to understand that not everything you read on the internet is true…

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Lucy Hutchison & Alan McKenzie
Storyteller Callum Piercy
Teaching Resources 
Sue Moody & Alison Wood
Original Backing Track Vocalists Nicola Auld, James Dinsmore & Debra Stuart

Before you start...

We've put together some information about the different characters in Fever! along with some top tips  about what costumes and props you might find or make, depending on which characters you decide you want to play. Have fun!

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Song 1

Here, you'll find everything you need for Week 1. You can download the words and listen to the Song 1 below. Make sure you listen to 'Learn the tune' and 'Learn the harmonies' to help you rehearse the song in easy steps. You can listen to the first bit of the story, and watch a video with our experts, Alan and Lucy, that will teach you some moves to go along with the music. You can also download our first activity - this week a scavenger hunt!

Get the words now

Get Week 1 Activity

Song 1 - The Temperature is Rising

Song 2

Here, you'll find everything you need for Week 2. You can download the words and listen to Song 2 'Internal Affairs' below. Make sure you listen to 'Learn the tune' to help you rehearse the song in easy steps. Listen to Jack telling the second part of his story, and watch the video with our experts Alan and Lucy, who will teach you the moves for the new song. You can also download this week's activity-- a science experiment you can do at home!



Song 2 - Internal Affairs

Song 3

Here, you can find everything you need for Week 3. You can download the music and words for song 3 'What's Up Doc!' below. Jack describes how viruses can affect our bodies and reveals how his story becomes public news, while our experts Alan and Lucy teach the moves for song three. You can also learn about the pioneering Dr Jenner in this week's drama-based activity 'Newsnight 1796'!



Song 3 - What's up, Doc?

Song 4

Here, you can find everything you need for Week 4. You can download the music and words for song 4 'Fight to the Death!' below. 

This week we find out the answer to what is making Jack so ill and explore deeper inside his body where, in a fantastical boxing match, the opposing forces struggle to win the match. Luckily, we have Alan and Lucy  to teach us their best boxing moves. You can also test all your knowledge of germs, viruses and bacteria in this week's activity, our Germ Warfare Quiz. 



Song 4 - Fight to the Death

Song 5

Here, you can find everything you need for Week 5. You can download the music and words for song 5 ‘In Sickness and in Health’.

In this final sectionwith the help of powerful antibiotics,  Jack manages to fight off the bacterial infection and is allowed home at last. The amazing treatment and care he has received from all the staff at the hospital has cured his illness and now, to help protect them during the Covid-19 pandemic,  he shares his advice for keeping safe and healthy. Get ready for the finale of our opera by joining in with Alan and Lucy as they teach us the dance moves for the final song.

We hope you have enjoyed hearing Jack’s story and we would love you to join us on Monday 22 June at 2pm for a live stream over on our YouTube channel, where you can interact with us and join in with the songs. More details at the top of this page!


Get Week 5 Activity

Song 5 - In Sickness and in Health

Putting it all together

On Monday 22 June 2020 we performed a special, live-streamed performance of the full show. 

Watch a replay of the live stream here and join in with the songs!

You can watch the final film below with presenters Alan and Lucy, featuring clips from our fantastic young performers.