Big Music for Minis

Scottish Opera presents A Little Bit of Northern Light at the Big Music for Minis festival this weekend.

The festival offers a full weekend of concerts, workshops and creative events for babies, toddlers and children in the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.

With multiple performances on both Saturday and Sunday (1 and 2 October), A Little Bit of Northern Light is a story for children and families of one lonely lighthouse standing firm against the storms of the North Atlantic tide. Set in the not too distant future, it is an atmospheric tale of Scotland’s past, present and future, told from the perspective of the seas that surround us and the ships that sail in them.

With music by Marion Christie and words by Jane Davidson, this fun show for 4-9 year olds is brought to life by a storyteller, a singer, three musicians and a series of bright and colourful illustrations by Iain Piercy.