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UPDATE April 2020: We were looking forward to going to town with a spectacular new production of Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Gondoliers.  When the current lockdown commenced, our teams were putting the finishing touches to exquisitely detailed costumes, an array of magical props, and a gorgeous set designed to transport audiences to Venice’s Grand Canal.  We’ve stored these beautiful things carefully and are working towards putting on the production as soon as we are safely able to reassemble the team.  Thank you so much to all those who have supported the production: we hope it won’t be too long before we are able to show you what you have helped us to achieve.  

We’re going to town with our spectacular new production of Gilbert & Sullivan's The Gondoliers. Funny, quirky and unashamedly beautiful – it’s an injection of pure sunshine with a surprise around every corner. Director Stuart Maunder (State Opera South Australia) and award-winning designer Dick Bird (The Mikado 2016) have chosen the 18th century as their setting, but their eclectic inspirations range from the magic of Pollock’s Victorian toy theatres to the madcap humour of Monty Python

With an all-singing, all-dancing cast of 46, each with exquisitely detailed costumes, an array of props that are never quite what they seem, and a gorgeous set that will transport audiences to Venice’s Grand Canal, it’s an exciting undertaking.

Costume sketch by Belinda Clisham

Kelvin Guy - Head Scenic Artist

One of the hugely talented people making The Gondoliers happen, Kelvin is one of a kind. He is a hugely respected scenic artist –  a true master of his craft. For over 30 years Kelvin has been hand-painting the large cloth backdrops that you see in Scottish Opera productions. This includes the huge 12m by 9m backdrop for The Gondoliers, based on original Canaletto paintings of Venice's Grand Canal. This video was made in 2014, while he was working on Renaud Doucet and André Barbe's Don Pasquale .

Head Scenic Artist Kelvin Guy talks about his work