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The Elixir of Love Press Quotes

2009 Review Quotes


'The catalyst behind this latest revival was presumably Scottish Opera's music director Francesco Corti, for whom this is home repertoire. Having already impressed in serious bel canto (the concert performance of Bellini's I Puritani earlier this year), he here delights in the comedy, keeping the action rolling along with great pace and spirit.'

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'This production plays cleverly with limited space, and moves along like a fresh breeze.'

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'Elena Xanthoudakis as Adina, and Edgaras Montividas as Nemorino - really brings out the sparkle in the score.'

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'The performance from the outset established the credentials of the new cast. They look the part, they sing the part, and vitally they ARE the part.'

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'There's much to love about this blend of Elixir. An ensemble ideally suited to Scottish Opera's trademark exuberance and on first night evidence a real crowd-pleaser.  

Daily Express


2000 Reviews


'Scottish Opera's revival of the 1994 is a picture perfect and pure entertainment.'

The Stage


'Scottish Opera’s revival of Donizetti’s charming comedy was just the thing for a wet Tuesday evening; a delightful escape into a rustic world of make-believe.'


1994 Reviews

'The production added up to an unmissable evening, blessedly without serious intent, a piece of brilliant circus.'

The Independent


'It’s an elixir of fun as this frolicking fiesta from Scottish Opera fills the stage.'

The Evening Times