An intergalactic adventure to save Planet Earth!

The Last Aliens is a great opportunity for Second Level pupils to engage with climate change as Scotland prepares to host the 26th UN Climate Change Conference – an event of worldwide significance.

This digital version of our ever-popular Primary Schools Tour gives teachers all the tools they need to do it themselves. Whether trying it for the first time, or a regular host, you will find a funny, engaging and relevant story with five fantastic songs to learn. We provide a set of lesson plans, audio guides and demonstration films to teach music and movement, along with ideas for making props and costumes – everything teachers need to guide pupils through The Last Aliens.

Read our guidelines for teachers on how to undertake The Last Aliens under COVID-19 restrictions


Our Spring 2022 live tour is now fully booked! Check this page for information on future tours early next year.

The digital-only version of The Last Aliens is available for free until the end of 2022 – so read on to find out more!

What's included?

The resources are divided into three parts, covering three different topics – Watch the Earth, Explore the Science and Understand the Opera.

Part 1 includes video and audio guides to learn the music and movement for Songs 1 and 2, plus activities including safe internet use, sound vibrations and listening.

Part 2 includes the guides for Songs 3 and 4, plus activities including recycling, basic electrics and rhythm.

Part 3 includes the guides for Song 5, plus activities including self-analysis, exploring shape nets, group working and empathy, and instructions for making fun props and costumes.


Alan Penman

Ross Stenhouse

Teaching Artists
Lucy Hutchison
Alan McKenzie
Jennifer Neil

Stage Manager
Rose Ann Gross

Costume Designer & Maker
Patricia Kenny

Jane Davidson 


Film Director & Illustrator 
Iain Piercy

Bevis Evans-Teush

Motion Graphics Designer 
Viola Madau

Teaching Resources 
Scu Moncur

Supported by The Mickel Fund, Harbinson’s Charitable Trust, The Hayward Sanderson Trust and Scottish Opera's Education Angels.

With thanks to the Educational Institute of Scotland for a donation towards the cost of The Last Aliens

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