Nixon in China: James Naughtie weighs up the evidence on America's most puzzling president

John Adams and Alice Goodman's ground-breaking opera brings a piece of forgotten history to life, with stand-out solo performances, full-bodied choruses and an eclectic score. Archive footage projections scatter the stage in a spectacle that is not to be missed later this month.

The Nixon in China programme is now on the press, and is bursting with fascinating articles and insights. There's a piece by Thomas May on the composition of this extraordinary creation, and John Adams' draw to bringing political history to the stage. Natascha Gentz explores the historic visit from a Chinese perspective, and Steve Moles explains the role of the cutting-edge amplification technology used in the theatre during the production. Here's a preview from BBC Special Correspondent and author James Naughtie,  who has written a fascinating insight into Richard Nixon. 
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Richard Nixon's visit to Communist China in 1972 was a real 'where were you?' moment. A Scottish Opera premiere, Nixon in China is as much about the private moments as the public, about the wives as much as the husbands, and about what we choose to remember as much as what actually happened. Directed by John Fulljames, the production opens on Tuesday 18 February at Theatre Royal Glasgow. Book now