Fever! Online Receives Global Praise

Fever!, our online opera for kids, was a hit with families across the globe as they tuned in for a live stream performance on Monday 22 June.

After an incredible five weeks sharing online teaching resources from this popular primary school production, we were delighted to welcome around 200 enthusiastic families to the live stream of the show.

Kids joined performers Alan and Lucy on YouTube to put in to action all the songs and dance moves they had learned over the weeks. Prior to the show starting they were able to interact with the cast, request shout-outs and mentions as well as communicate with each other through the live chat.

This is the very first time an online version of our Primary Schools Tour, a staple of many Scottish schools’ calendars, has been made available online and we have been thrilled to see so many people getting involved. During the live show, we also encouraged parents to capture their children joining in with the songs and dance moves and to send their videos and pictures on to us. These will be edited together into a mass performance video which will be shared online soon.

Designed for 8-12 year olds, with key learning outcomes of Curriculum for Excellence in mind, Fever! was initially distributed to Scottish schools who have been sharing the links with pupils through their online learning portals. However, it has now attracted hits from all over the UK, and has been accessed by participants in Chicago, Dubai, Copenhagen, Paris, LA, Beijing and Brisbane.

Here are what just some of the participants had to say about their at-home experience of Fever!

“Thanks so much for Fever! Honestly, it was the best learning thing we did together over lockdown. We’ve been singing the songs, doing the moves and getting excited about the live show since Easter. It’s been the only thing suggested by the school that hasn’t provoked groans. So a huge thank you. Your commitment to quality education for primary aged children is just brilliant and makes me feel very proud. I used to be a teacher and a long long time ago, in 2005, you came to the school I was teaching in, and did …Fever! so it was lovely to revisit it."

"Marvellous production! Thank you!"

"Our kids absolutely loved performing Fever! and were over-the-moon with the shout out for their school so thanks very much for that. The Scottish Opera team have been coming to their school for many years and having just compiled the school leavers yearbook, I can say that it is the highlight of the school year for many, children and parents alike. My daughter, Sennen, was gutted that they had to cancel this year - she has been looking forward to her final year Scottish Opera for many years, and it was wonderful that you held an interactive on-line performance. It went some of the way to making up for the disappointment of her final school year fizzling out. For me it was even better than the usual performance as all three of our children were able to be part of it together. We have all loved it - a definite high-light of lock-down. Thank you so much to the whole team."

Online resources for Fever! can still be found here and don’t forget to keep an eye on YouTube for the next video – featuring many of our online participants!