Scottish Opera illuminates its offices as part of the Light It In Red Campaign

We joined forces with live events companies across the UK on August 11 in the #LightItInRed campaign, to draw attention to the serious situation facing the entertainment industry due to Covid-19.

As part of a nationwide campaign, members of the Scottish Opera Electrics department lit up our administrative offices in Elmbank Crescent in red for the evening in support of the cause.

Andrew Storer, Technical Director at Scottish Opera said: ‘Along with theatres and concert halls nationwide, Scottish Opera’s venues and workshops have been closed since the beginning of lockdown in March. The majority of our technical staff and venue staff have been furloughed for 20 weeks, with no idea as to when mainstage performances can recommence.

 ‘The colour red is traditionally associated with theatre curtains and the light used at the entrance to the stage to indicate a performance is in progress. This campaign is a call to everyone working in the performing arts to keep their spirits up until we can all turn the lights back on and return to the excitement of making live music and theatre again.

 Almost 200 Companies from all across the events industry, as well as locations such as concert halls and convention centres took part in #LightItInRed to signal the devastating impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the arts and events industry, and the urgent need for support.

 The campaign was originally inspired by Germany's #NightOfLight2020 in July, when Clearsound Productions teamed up with Backstage Theatre Jobs to form the campaign.

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